Trakker Access Barrow

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Designed to allow you to access the conveniently positioned storage compartments and efficiently “fish off the barrow”, the Access Barrow features unique front loading “bed tusks” that allow you to put the majority of the weight of your barrow right over the front wheel to balance your barrow perfectly when fully laden and comes complete with two bed-fixing straps. It features a sliding under barrow draw that can be access even when the barrow is loaded up and water carrier saddle bags with side access which have been positioned either side of the wheel for excellent weight distribution. The removable wheel has a built-in mud guard to prevent the transfer of mud and water onto your bed system with front and side folding bars that fold completely flat, making the packed down barrow very compact for its size. PRODUCT FEATURES Designed and engineered to allow anglers to 'fish off the barrow' and give access to all essentials easily. Unique front loading 'bed tusks' to house the bed right at the front of the barrow. NXG barrow wrap creates side walls and a stiffened base for optimum use of space. Sliding under-barrow draw that can be accessed and removed at any time when the barrow is fully loaded. Water carrier saddle bags with side access are positioned next to the wheel for excellent weight distribution. Front and side folding bars allow the barrow to fold flat, and an easy-remove wheel for transportation. Ergonomic soft-grip handles which adjust vertically to allow you to set them to the optimum height. Mud guard around the wheel to stop the transfer of mud/water onto your bed system. Supplied with two bed-fixing adjustable straps that clip to the loop attachments on the barrow frame.
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