NASH Indulgence Moon Chair

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  • Folding bucket seat design
  • Wide footprint pull out legs
  • High density hollow fill cushioning
  • Tension straps for adjustable support
The famous Indulgence Moon Chair comfort offers absolute luxury seating on the bank, now updated with a micro fleece padded skirt and embossed Indulgence logo around the luxury peachskin covered mattress fnished in the unique Nash camo. The folding bucket seat design snaps into place as the wide footprint legs pull out, producing an extremely stable and superbly comfortable session chair. Finished with high density hollow fill cushioning for warmth and variable tension straps on the underside to adjust to the support you need. Approx Dimensions: H-40cm, W-100cm, D-100cm. Weight: 7.1kg  Nash Indulgence Moon Chair 
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