Trakker Tempest Advanced 100 Insect Panel

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Zip-in Insect Panel for Tempest Advanced 100 Magnetic self-closing system Tie-backs for door and side panels Supplied with carry bag Weight: Aprox 0.6 kg Transport size: 47H x 23W cm
Our Insect Panels have just got an upgrade! If you get a bite, you can simply burst through the Tempest Advanced 100 Insect Panel without having to undo any fiddly zips. Primarily designed to keep bugs and insects out of the shelter, the Tempest Advanced 100 Insect Panel simply zips into the front of the shelter as a direct replacement for the supplied full infill. The Insect Panel provides you with an unrestricted view from the bivvy, extra ventilation, and allows more light into the shelter. It features tie-backs for the door and side panels, and comes supplied in a carrybag with T-pegs. It works as part of the Adaptive Ventilation™ system of the bivvy.
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