Trakker Sanctuary Compact Crib

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Trakker’s sanctuary range should be the first choice for anglers who appreciate design excellence, and innovative product progress. Going the extra mile when it comes to carp care, Sanctuary gives you a neat, tidy bankside set up that’s perfect for looking after the fish you prize.

With high sides, and stiff outer walls, the Trakker Sanctuary Compact Oval Crib features a 50mm padded foam base, ensuring soft, cradled protection for carp up to 40lb, an accommodation which is also backed up by the 105cm length.

Curving naturally to the shape of a carp’s body, this crib is all about protection and comfort, and is designed to fold down to a compact size that’s easy to pack in any rucksack or carryall. As with all items in Trakker’s Sanctuary range, this crib also puts anglers first, with a removable base, wipe-clean practicality, and a quick drying surface. Rather then the slightly ridged surfaces of many cradles and unhooking mats, the Sanctuary Oval Crib has a completely smooth, durable, fish-friendly surface that offers total support, without damaging the fishes’ delicate mucous membrane.

Innovative, evolved, supportive – that’s Sanctuary in a nutshell, giving you everything you need to ensure you’re protecting and supporting any size of carp while they’re on the bank. The Sanctuary Compact Oval Crib is made from durable 300D PVC/PU fabric, giving you complete carp care convenience.
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