Petzl Reactik 220 Lumens Headlamp White

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This technology uses a sensor on the torch to measure the amount of light being bounced back at it, allowing it to adjust the power and beam pattern accordingly so that the relative light level remains the same. This allows you to have an amazingly bright light last a long time from a pretty small battery without having to continually adjust the power setting yourself.

When in Reactive Lighting mode the Reactik has 3 settings Max Power, Standard and Max Autonomy, each of these will work to provide a burn time of 3hrs 30, 6 hours and 12 hours respectively and the torch will provide the maximum amount of light possible given these burn times. This is ideal for those situations where you know how long you're going to need the torch for. It can also be switched to Constant lighting mode which will give a consistent light output at a fixed burn time depending on the power level chosen.

The Reactik is charged via a USB port, though an additional battery pack is available if you want to use AAA batteries with it. There is a charge indicator showing how much power is left. It is water resistant to IP X4 which means it is able to withstand splashes from all directions, though it cannot be submerged. Other useful features include a red lighting mode to preserve night vision and a lock function to prevent it being switched on when stored in your pack.

Petzl Reactik Features:
  • Reactive or Constant lighting
  • 3 option variable beam pattern
  • USB charged
  • Weather resistant (IP X4)
  • Red lighting
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