Wychwood Dispatch 7500 Spod Reel with Braid

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Bail arm lock - reduces crack offs Large, wide spool 4.3:1 gearing for torque Over 1m of line retrieved with one handle turn Drag enables reel to be used for spod or marker work Strengthened main gearing Ready loaded with 200m of 30lb braid
The Dispatch Spod and Marker Reel is one Wychwood's biggest success stories, thousands of anglers across the UK and Europe now have one in their armoury. We developed the reel based on our timeless Riot 75, which is an induustry recognised work-horse of a reel, known for its durability and power. The gearing has been optimised to provide extreme cranking power and the deep bodied spool comes ready loaded with 30lb braid so that it's ready to go as soon as you take it out of the box.
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