MIDDY Muscle-Tech 1150 Precision Carp 11.5m Packag

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Built using T-Core anti-shatter carbon technology, the Muscle-Tech 1150 Precision Carp pole weighs just 675g at 10.3m, yet it really does pack a lot of muscle with a 20 elastic rating. This strength is aided by a special T-Wrap on the joints, which also reduces wear. Both the 2nd and 3rd sections are pull-it reinforced, so you can fit a pulla bush if required. The pole has a precise true length of 11.5 metres and is supplied with a Power 2-Kit in the pole; as well as an additional Power 2-Kit, a Cupp Kit and a quality cloth bag. There is also a Precision/F1 2-Kit available separately for fishing at a precise 10 metre length if required. All these kits fit on to the 3rd section of the pole. The Muscle-Tech 1150 has a really good balance ratio of 17.6 Newtons at 10.3m - while other pole makers have still not begun stating a 'balance ratio' for their poles, it is this figure that gives you a true guide as to the feel of the pole because it tells you the downwards force you are actually holding (the weight really gives you only an impression of the pole's quality). Another great feature of this Muscle-Tech 1150 is the 1st section has a 5.2mm diameter that you can run elastic through, there is not a slim 1st that would be abandoned in use. Middy are very proud to have developed such an excellent 11.5m pole and it comes highly recommended.
MIDDY Muscle-Tech 1150 Precision Carp 11.5m Package
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