Preston Innovations Space Maker Multi 60" Brolly

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New and improved 60" Space Maker Multi Brolly provides you with the most user friendly and biggest space saving brolly we've ever produced.

This versatile umbrella features waterproof taped seams and lightweight fibreglass arms for increased support and stability.

We spent a long time developing the colour to this 60' brolly. The dubtle grey colour and graphics significantly reduces the amoutn fo heat the brolly absorbs. Making it perfect for warm countries and summer use.

The dual angle tilt gives you even more coverage options, making it perfect for diverse weather conditions. The brolly features dual pegging points which gives you the option of pegging your umbrella down in windy conditions. (Brolly pegs supplied as standard).

The extra wide 60" dimension offers maximum coverage for both you and your tackle.

The stability and reliability of this brolly is significantly aided by the extra strong brolly pole. The thickness of the pole has been increased, resulting in a sturdy and long lasting brolly. It's worth noting that we have made the brolly pole extra long, giving you more height options and easy use on the bank.  Preston Space Maker Multi Brolly 60 Inch 
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