Korum Any Chair Adaptor - Rod Rest Arm

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Easily adjustable to suit the angler Attaches to virtually any chair! Patented Leg Block System 1x 25mm Round Insert 1x 22mm Round Insert 1x 25mm Square Insert 1x 30mm Round Insert Adaptor
There's nothing more frustrating than getting to a venue you've been looking forward to fishing for weeks, only to find that the ground's too hard to secure your bank sticks – meaning you'll have to keep your rod in hand for the whole session, no matter what the action's like. With the Korum Any Chair Rod Rest Arm, however, you need never face that frustration again; simply attach the arm to almost any fishing chair, and experience the joys of modular angling, with the flexibility of a seat box in a lighter, easier to carry form. With a patented leg locking system, this rod rest arm can be easily adjusted for individual comfort and preference; the leg system includes 1x 22mm and 1x 25mm round insert, 1x 22mm square insert, and 1x 30mm round adapter, allowing you to easily attach your rod rest to almost any chair, and accommodate for almost any bankside terrain. Where bank sticks won't work, the Korum Any Chair Rod Rest Arm excels.
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