Korum Chair Twin-Wheel Trolley

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Compatible with Korum chairs Reinforced strong frame No need to worry with puncture proof wheels Adjustable padded handle Adjustable height Can be fully dismantled to be stored or in car boot
A super-strong twin-wheeled trolley that has been designed to make shifting your gear as easy as possible. Fitted with a wide load area and fitted with our own mud-feet to maximise stability. The extra long handle creates increased leverage making this barrow easier to pull at the correct balance point for minimum fatigue. The Korum Trolley has been designed to incorporate the Korum Accessory Chair range simply by locating the chair on the rear lugs and locking in place creating a larger load area. Whether you use it with or without a Korum Accessory Chair, our trolley takes the hassle out of moving. Fits original Korum Accessory Chairs with Square legs (not X25 Chairs).
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