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Aluminium Body DS5 Rotor AirBail Tough Digigear QD Quick Drag ABS spool One Touch Folding Handle Large Anti Reverse Lever Soft Touch Handle knob High Impact Line Clip (HIP) Spare spool supplied
All of Daiwa's impressive, performance-enhancing reel technology, from ABS spool to a high impact line clip, brought to bear on a reel that's designed for the heavy hauling and distance control that's increasingly becoming a carp angling focus at venues across the UK, with angling celebs such as Terry Edmunds working with anglers to pass on the skills needed to open up every venue to a smooth, cunning cast, the Daiwa 18 TDR arrives just in time, with a metallic blue and gold livery that will instantly turn heads, and a performance ready design that will put you in instant contact with the best fish on the most challenging venues. Available as a double or single-handed reel option, the TDR is a quality tackle choice that more than lives up to its striking first impressions. Drag shafts protecting the reel workings from water damage, and DigiGear technology giving you complete control over every aspect of your cast and retrieve, keeping things smooth and sure, bringing in your quarry without causing harm, and reducing the risk of fish lost to hook pulls, and tackle lost to crack offs. The handle folds down at a single touch, making the reel compact and easy to transport, and a spare spool allows you to reload quickly, and keep fishing smoothly, even when the action's picking up more pace than you're used to handling. The ABS spool is designed to withstand the jolts and knocks that are part and parcel of an active angling lifestyle, and ensure your TDR reel lasts, and comes to represent a genuine angling investment. Pick yours up from your local Angling Direct store, or order online today.
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