Guru X Change Window Feeders

Guru X Change Window Feeders
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Guru Window Feeder - X-Small 20g + 30g
Guru Window Feeder - X-Small 40g + 50g
Guru Window Feeder - Small 20g + 30g
Guru Window Feeder - Small 40g + 50g
Guru Window Feeder - Medium 30g + 40g
Guru Window Feeder - Medium 50g + 60g
Guru Window Feeder - Large 30g + 40g
Guru Window Feeder - Large 50g + 60g
Guru Bait Up Window Feeder - 40g + 50g
Originally designed for holding a lot of particles, window feeders are become more and more versatile in feeder anglers’ armoury. Still great for cramming lots of particles in and sealing with a smear of groundbait, but now also used for general fishing feeders no matter what groundbait mix or particle combos you place in there.

Ultimate aerodynamic feeder, weight forward, allowing anglers to cast distances that are impossible to reach with any other feeder design.

Incredibly accurate for casting, even in extremely poor conditions and high winds.

Unique X-change weight system allows the weights of the feeders to be changed quickly and easily, giving anglers ultimate versatility and efficiency. Extra small and Small weights interchange / Medium and Large weights interchange.

Size range caters for all eventualities.

Window area designed to be the optimum size to hold-in bait on a cast, but for bait release.

Small front lip on the feeder helps bait grip in the feeder on the cast and in deep water.

Strategically placed holes for optimum bait release.

Extra durable, large swivel eye attachment on the top of the feeder.

Super tough material, long lasting for tough terrain.

Two feeders supplied per pack in weight combos.
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