Guru X-Change Feeder Weights

Guru X-Change Feeder Weights
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Guru X-Change Distance Feeder Light Spare Weight Pack
Guru X-Change Distance Feeder - Heavy Spare Weight Pack
Guru X-Change Feeder Weights - Extra Heavy Spare Weights pack
Simply twist the lead clockwise to release the weight from the body of the feeder, then to change the weight, line up the pins and the push the weight on, twisting anitclockwise will lock the lead into position.

Light Weights packs contains 2 x 20g weights & 2 x 30g weights.
Heavy Weights pack contains 2 x 40g weights & 2 x 50g weights.

Spare Weights only, Open End, Cage and Bait Up feeders sold separately.

Full X-Change Distance Feeder and Bait Up Feeder range available separately.
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