Guru Foam Pellet Wagglers

Guru Foam Pellet Wagglers
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Guru Foam Waggler 2SSG (2pcs)
These new Foam Pellet Wagglers from Guru are made from high-density 10mm diameter Foam. They are ideal for fishing very shallow as the floats dive very little on entering the water, ensuring they cause minimum disturbance ideal for wary, pressured fish. The ideal float when looking to 'mug' cruising fish.

All floats are finished in a Surface Camo to aid camouflage when fishing very close to the surface. The base cap protects the delicate base of the float, a common weak area on other floats.

The flighted cap allows for stable, accurate casting (a random choice of orange or yellow cap supplied).

Available in 2SSG (3.2g) / 3SSG (4.4g) / 4SSG (6.5g) sizes.

Two floats supplied per pack.

Weights not included but available separately.

Designed to be used in conjunction with the new Guru Waggler Converters and using with the Guru Super Tight Line Stops and Waggler Adaptors will create a perfect pellet waggler set up that will not slip or tangle.

10mm & 13mm diameter balsa wagglers also available.
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