Cookie Preference

Below is a breakdown of the different types of cookies used on along with switches to give you control of how and when they may be used by us. These switches will not affect third party cookies used on our website (see Other Cookies section below for more details).

Further details of all cookies used on our website can be found on our Cookie Policy


Some cookies are essential for the smooth running of our website. You may not be able to use our website without these cookies.


In order to improve our website we anonymously track some user behaviours. This enables us to see how visitors use our website. It also allows us to see which features are most popular and make them better and remove the features that nobody uses. We would find it difficult to analyse how well our website was performing and improve it without these cookies

User Experience

Some cookies are used to improve the experience you have whilst on our website. These enable us to provide you handy shortcuts to your recent searches and enable you to build shortlists. We'd recommend that you keep these switched on.

Other cookies

Some of the cookies used on our website are controlled by other businesses. Below you can find out how to manage your preferences for these.

Third party cookies

Some third parties also store cookies on your machine when you use our website, these can also include cookies which may be used for the purposes of interest-based advertising.