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Welcome to the Fishing Instructors and Guides page. This section of the website is for the benefit of those who wish to learn the art of fishing or add to the knowledge they have already gained. Whether you are a complete beginner to fishing or a competent angler who just wants to brush up on your techniques, a lesson with a fishing instructor can prove invaluable. Here you will find contact details for fishing guides, coaches, instructors and ghillies for fly fishing and coarse angling in the UK, Europe and Worldwide. This page is being continually being updated. As more listings are received this section of the site will be split into separate sections to cover fly, coarse, sea, carp and predator fishing.

Fly Fishing Instructors

Fly Fishing Tuition, Guiding and Coaching Fly Casting, Fly Tying . . . .

Are you looking for a fly fishing instructor or coach to teach you how to fly fish or help you develop your fly fishing skills? Do you need a guide or ghillie with expert local knowledge of the fishing waters to help you catch your personal best fish?

If you want to learn how to fly fish or want fly casting lessons or fly fishing tuition then your at the right place. This dedicated page provides contact details of professional fly fishing instructors for all abilities and all ages.

Complete beginners and the more experienced fly fishers alike can benefit from instruction from professionals and if you have never tried fly fishing before then tuition from an expert can be invaluable. Generally within just a few hours you can gain enough information and skills to enable you to cast and catch your first fish on the fly.

England fly fishing

Paul Procter, Cumbria, Telephone: 01229 580190 mobile: 078666 54091
Pete Scholes, Lancashire, Telephone: 01200 446690 mobile: 07816 492389
Kevin Dawson, Telephone: 01669 621417 mobile: 07753 639135
Stephen Cheetham, Telephone: 01132 507244
Jeremy Lucas, Telephone: 07737 013604
Stuart Minnikin, mobile: 07761 762660
Steve Yeomans, Staffordshire, Telephone: 01782 394564
Glyn Freeman, Telephone: 01697 351752 mobile: 07808 563788
Geoff Johnston, Telephone: 01228402691 mobile: 07957 256051
Tim Gaunt-Baker, Telephone: 01553 813769 mobile: 07876 555960
Martin Cottis, Telephone: 01179 140157 mobile: 07747 843548
John Hotchkiss, Telephone: 01980 630717 mobile: 07894 226700
Mike Hobbs, Telephone: 01275 810443 mobile: 07802 177039
Jeff Metcalfe, Telephone: 01347 838794 mobile: 07791 700553
Clive Mitchelhill, Cumbria, Telephone: 01228 548222 mobile: 07752195082
Major Vince Gwilym, Telephone: 01629 732546
Brett O’Connor, mobile: 07939 575767
Darren Lewis, mobile: 07762 701920
Mike Roden, Lancashire, mobile: 07786 682272
Stuart Crofts, Yorkshire mobile: 07773 713132
Gary Proudlock, Telephone: 01670 772664
Gary Pearson, Telephone: 01363 877564
Vic Knight, Telephone: 01384 836955
Jim Curry, mobile: 07973 291367
Stuart Wardle, North of Telephone: 07904 278889
Phil Ratcliffe, North of Telephone: 07875 718718

Scotland fly fishing

Finlay Wilson, Telephone: 01721 760241
Malcolm Newbould, mobile: 07967 970704
Kevin Patterson, mobile: 07971 828086
Gary Wingate, Telephone: 01413 316333
Alberto Laidlaw, Telephone: 01413 535560 mobile: 07778 526859
Kevin Moss, Telephone: 01343 831417 mobile: 07967 466973
John Pennington, Telephone: 01847 894641 mobile: 07786 475226
Ian Moutter, Telephone: 01890 883931 mobile: 07766 746406
Finlay Wilson, Telephone: 01721 760241
Dr Vernon Wood, Telephone: 01387 370703
Alastair (Ally) Gowans, Telephone: 01796 473718 mobile: 07974 826406
Jim Quigley, Telephone: 01360 860223mobile: 07748 283496

Ireland fly fishing

Jim Brown, County Kilkenny, Ireland Tel: 353 56 7758419 Tel: 353 87 2498619
Brian Russell, Portadown, Northern Ireland Tel: 02838841740 mobile: 07716120441
West Coast Angling, Ireland Telephone: 0868838166
Stephen Kennedy, Ireland Tel: 02844828346 mobile: 07740609669

Wales fly fishing

Lee Watts Telephone: 01639 700561 mobile 07866 504534
Kim Tribe Telephone: 01639 639076 mobile: 07868 782843
Gareth Lewis mobile: 07540 813399
Saul Roberts mobile: 07770 842000
David Thomas Telephone: 01239 831690 mobile: 07970 098882
Andrew Cartwright Telephone: 01686 688196

Canada fly fishing

Country Haven Lodge Miramichi, New Brunswick, Canada(506) 843 9010

Coarse Fishing Instructors

Before you rush off to spend hundreds of pounds on fishing tackle, consider taking a lesson or two with a professional coach.

You may have been watching the fishing shows on TV or seen some anglers sat at the side of a lake or river having fun catching all species of coarse fish or reeling in a specimen carp or predator and want to try it for yourself. The only problem is - you don't know where to start.

Whether you want to learn about coarse fishing in general or specialize in carp or predator fishing, a session with a fishing coach or instructor can put you on the right tracks. He or she can teach you how to fish from setting up a fishing rod to the best bait to use. Depending on what you want to fish for, a fishing coach will advise you on what fishing tackle you will need and how to set it up and use it. Tuition usually covers how to read the water, how to use a rod, whip or pole, float fishing or feeder fishing, types of baits, how to handle and weigh fish correctly and more . .

England coarse fishing

Miles Gascoyne, mobile: 07815770050
Lee Pollard, mobile: 07507086634
Mick Ellams, mobile: 07840 966426
Gary Nunn, mobile: 07507086634
Ian Brooke, Tel: 07511737210
Kevin Lake, Tel: 01234 713186
Trevor James, mobile: 07969698005
Ray Young, Tel: 01202 480953
James Anderson Mobile: 07795844504
Jeff Green, mobile: 07969082484
Trevor James, / Wales mobile: 07969698005
Jim Shelley, mobile: 07956646056
Martin Porter, Tel: 01635 298987 mobile: 07802783450
Barry Testro, Tel: 01234 713870
Nick Watkins, mobile: 07704284103
Gareth Radley, mobile: 07989269465

Ireland coarse fishing

Alberto Rizzini, County Westmeath, Ireland Tel. +353 44 9344866

Wales coarse fishing

Trevor James, mobile: 07969698005

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