MAP TKS 401 3G Series Pole

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Anti friction finish throughout for easy shipping Depth markers on all kits Sleek, understated artwork Fitted side pullers Extra-long pure PTFE bushes fitted on all kits Section alignment system Standard package includes: 1x Pre-Bushed DM Match Kit Fitted 2x Pre-Bushed DM Match kits 3x Pre-Bushed DM Power Kits 1x Rigid Cupping Kit with Cups 1x Reinforced Mini Extension 1x Pole Holdall
A strong, stiff, balanced fishing pole that will appeal to a wide range of match anglers, the MAP TKS 401 3G Pole Package is a versatile tackle choice that's suited to a range of tournament and session venues and approaches. Stylishly presented, in a sleek blue on black design, this is a pole that will appeal to modern match anglers who want a set up that looks the part, as well as those with a more traditional approach, who simply want reliable tackle that will get the job done. Supplied with a selection of extra-long, pre-bushed PTFE top kits, and fitted with MAP's unique side puller kit as standard, the TKS 401 has been created for adventurous, dedicated, professional match anglers, who are regularly tackling new and challenging waters, and need a range of options close at hand to allow them to fish effectively, and put them in the best place for success. Each of the top kits is marked for depth, allowing you to accurately plot your approach, and precisely target the species you want. The MAP TKS 401 3G 14.5m Pole Package comes supplied with the pole itself, which features section alignment, a complete anti-friction finish throughout the pole, for smooth, fast, and hassle-free shipping, fitted side pullers, and sleek, understated graphics, as well as a pre-bushed match DM kit fitted as standard, two further pre-bushed DM match kits, three pre-bushed DM power kits, a reinforced mini extension, and a rigid cupping kit and pole pots. Giving you greater flexibility in your fishing, these pole accessories allow you to gear up or down in response to the conditions, offer the flexibility and reach to make the most of fishing the margins, and exploring mid-lake features, and enable you to easily and precisely target spots across your venue with an effective bait mix, made to a precise quantity. Supplied in a pole holdall for complete protection, and a stylish arrival on any venue, this sleek, matte black pole from MAP is the central part of a comprehensive match fishing pole package that will appeal to professional, experienced match anglers, as well as improvers with a bit of money to spend. Order your TKS 401 pole package today, and experience the difference on your next session. If you're looking for easy handling, effortless reach, and simple, understated style, you've found it with the MAP TKS 401 14.5m pole package. Well suited to smaller venues, but with the reach to make the most of mid-sized lakes too, this pole is a quality option for match anglers looking to take their fishing to the next level, and ideal for tournament anglers who need to be prepared for any type of venue.
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