MIDDY Reactacore XM10-3 Power Carp Pole 13m Combo/

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Maximus Wrap on the joints to increase pole length and durability Supplied with Max16 Match 3-kit in the pole itself HKD providing stability and consistency in extreme temperatures Depth-Line markers on all kits Pull-It reinforcement on the fourth and all kits S-Slide micro-ground fast-shipping surface Spineline aligner system sections and kits Supplied with a Max25 Karp 2-kit Supplied with 10/11.5m Safe-Zone butt Supplied with a free holdall
The previous XM10 and XM10-2 poles sold in their thousands and this new XM10-3 model is slightly lighter and even stronger due to new Maximus Wrap on the joints. It is built for super-strong margin work with a 25 elastic rating, yet you will not believe how rigid this pole is. Middy have also added quite a few features that you find on the top-end Reactacore poles, like Depth-Line markers on the kits, as well as Dome Top Protection System on the 4th and 5th sections to protect against wear and chips on your top-kits. A 13m package is made possible by utilising the Reactacore Generic 13m extension, which also features the DNS distance numbering system.
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