MIDDY Shock Stikk Revolution35 Margin Tool 3m

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The original Shock Stikk was one of the most talked-about rods/poles in history. Now, this revised model is even more immensely strong, with a huge 35 elastic rating! Stop even a 100lb catfish in its tracks with this specialised margin tool - it is both effective and safe on fish. The Shock Stikk Revolution35 has a bigger bore top section than the original model, to allow use of bigger elastics. It is supplied ready-elasticated and bushed with 26-30 grade hollow Hi-Viz, weighs only 185g at the full 3m length and features shrink X-Wrap grips. You could even replace the elastic with 3.5mm diameter caty elastic should you wish! A 1.5m extension is also available separately to take it up to 4.5m.
MIDDY Shock Stikk Revolution35 Margin Tool 3m
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