Korum Snapper Drop Shot Kit mix 2-5cm

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Spotted Lime, Golden Pepper and Olive Fry colours which have proven devastating in testing • Soft rubber fish with shad tails for maximum action underwater • Spin-style hooks for easy rig setup and reduced line twist • Two non-toxic Dropshot weights in a weed-beater pencil shape • Tank and bank tested • Available in two sizes - 5cm and 7cm DROPSHOT KIT MIX 2 INCLUDES: 3 x Rubber Fish 1 x 5g Weight 3 x Spin-style Hooks 1 x 10g Weigh
All the end tackle you need for Dropshotting in one easy package. Three fast-action rubber fish in the most attractive colours, three spin-style Dropshot hooks and a 5g and 10g weight. Tie it on and catch a predator! •
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