Middy Reactacore XZ65-3 Pole 16.5m

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World class and designed for elite competition anglers Built using new Quad carbon technology Even lighter and longer than its predecessors It is built using the new 'Maximus Wrap' joints system Weighs just 730g at 13m The package includes the following New slightly shorter 'Ultra-Control' kits Developed with Lee Thornton and Rob Wootton Designed for maximum control when landing fish Clever 'Adaptive Q' short parallel 3rd Allows you to use the kit at a longer length if required All kits and sections are compatible with the previous models The sections have a new 'Spine-Line' aligner insignia Popular DNS distance numbering system is retained New kits also have a 'Depth-Line' marking system Added for precise knowledge of swims in the main catching zone of up to 3ft deep A bold claim, but the XZ65-3 really is the best 16 rated pole in the world
Middy's flagship match fishing pole, the Reactacore XZ65-3 World Elite is a tackle choice designed for professional competition anglers, and crafted to give you a performance edge that could make that vital difference in a close-fought tournament. This 16.5m pole package gives you the best possible headstart as you put in the work required to achieve your angling ambitions, with quad carbon technology giving you an elite feel that is all about making a statement, and making a difference when it comes to your angling. Bringing the expertise and experience of top-flight anglers Lee Thornton and Rob Wootton to bear in the design of this premier performance match fishing pole, Middy have ticked every box to make sure anglers can be certain they're investing in the very best tackle, that's been built to last, engineered to perform, and crafted with them in mind. Weighing just 730g at 13m, this adaptable pole system gives you up to 16.5m reach when all sections are in place, ensuring that nothing is ever beyond your grasp, and putting the whole lake at your fingertips. The Reactacore uses Maximus Wrap joints system, giving you a closer fit, firmer hold, and a pole that lets you know from the moment you start shipping that it can handle anything your session has to throw at it. Tailored for complete control throughout your session, and especially when landing fish, the Middy Reactacore benefits from an Adaptive Q short parallel third section, and full compatibility with all previous pole models in the range, giving you the freedom and flexibility to use your pole at a longer length if you need to, and the practicality of being able to effortlessly downsize for close work. This adaptive design means you can rely on one pole to meet all your angling needs, and cover every venue you're likely to find yourself on, making the Middy Reactacore XZ65-3 a solid investment, and a practical choice for the dedicated pole angler who's looking to make their name, and their living, in the sport. Supplied with slightly abbreviated Ultra Control kits, this impressive, professional standard pole kit sets the experienced angler up for success on any venue, and in any situation Finished with spine aligner insignia, the pole also retains Middy's popular DNS numbering system, with new kits including a depth-line marking system, which allows you to achieve precise knowledge of swims up to 3ft, giving you maximum insight into your main catching zone, which helps you create a targeted plan of pursuit from the very start of your session. A world-leading 16.5m pole package, invest in the Reactacore XZ65-3 World Elite from Middy today, and enjoy the angling you've always imagined.
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