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Whether you’re a fishing enthusiast or you’re just getting started, The Tackle Warehouse Ltd can provide the tackle and gear you need. Check out our online fish and tackle shop, or visit us at our location in the UK.

Our Gear

We carry a large variety of fishing gear for a number of different fishing disciplines, so you’re sure to find something to suit your needs. Whether you need materials for deep-sea fishing, catfishing or some other application, we can provide the products you’re looking for.

We carry tackle designed to lure a variety of different fish and clothing for you to wear so you can stay comfortable while you enjoy your hobby or work your business. We also sell rods, reels and poles suited to a number of different applications.

Our Shipping Options

Although we are primarily located in the UK, we are happy to ship our products to wherever you are. We can also deliver to your local store, so if you don’t have a valid shipping address, you can still enjoy our excellent prices and customer service.

Our History

We are proud to have been in business since 2009, bringing our community of anglers high-quality gear and tackle for more than 12 years. We are committed to progress, so we continually add new items and improve old ones. Our staff are friendly and ready to help, so whatever you need, just ask.

We are an online fish and tackle shop with an open location in West Sussex. Come visit our store or browse our online listings today.